Greenwich Citizens Against Leafblower Mania

The Lastest News about our Campaign

Colleagues in other towns who are also seeking leaf blower bans have been contacting us.  The Los Angeles based group, ZAPLA, recently forwarded the news that Israel--the entire country--has enacted a total leaf blower ban.  Meanwhile Hawaii--the entire state--has also enacted a law banning gasoline-powered leaf blowers entirely, and restricting the hours of electric leaf blowers.  If a country and a state can do it, you would think our town could too!  Links to articles about these laws are posted on our links page.

In the April 2011 the Greenwich Time featured an excellent editorial by Jerry Dumas, a regular GT columnist, titled "Town needs a better solution to leaf blowers."  Mr. Dumas' column described the needlessness of using blowers year round as well as their dangerous, annoying and unhealthy impacts.  He recounted a conversation he had with the assistant city manager of Rye who told him: "We're in our fourth year of not permitting blowers between May 1 and September 30.  No problems with anybody, including contractors, who were against it at first, but have adjusted.  Mr. Dumas discussed the other nearby towns which have a part-time ban like we are seeking in Greenwich and he asked "If it works in other places, why wouldn't it work here?"


Here is a small sampling of the news stories about our efforts: 

 There ae quite a few inaccuracies or even mis-quotes in these stories, but that often happens with the press!